who we are

We are a non-profit associative entity that seeks to represent its associates before the different entities of the sector, with the aim of pronouncing in a timely manner on the technological and scientific development of the country, the training of engineers, professionals and technicians related to hydraulic engineering.

We bring together the guild of hydraulic engineering companies, designers and installers, suppliers, national and international manufacturers and independent professionals.


Strengthen the water sector by promoting scientific, technological, cultural and recreational activities for our associates, through permanent updating, dissemination and exchange of experiences, establishing alliances with representative entities in the union, achieving benefits for our associates.


By 2023 we project ourselves as the reference and consultation body of the country’s hydraulic industry, recognized in the institutional environment as a strong and unified union, which contributes from specific actions and positions to the optimal development of construction in Colombia.


We seek to turn APROCOF into a consulting body for State entities, in order to be able to represent our associates with existing public service entities, achieving recognition from the union.
Representing companies in the field of hydraulic and sanitary civil engineering, with the purpose of defining common problems, as well as determining strategies for their solution, being interlocutors of the associates.
Disseminate the regulations in force that promote the adequate regulatory framework for the operation of the hydraulic union, and disseminate among the union members the experiences and outstanding aspects of the subsector.
Fomentar el mejoramiento de los niveles tecnológicos y científicos a través de programas de capacitación, programados de manera mensual, buscando contribuir al mejoramiento continuo de los proyectos empresariales, logrando la participación y actualización de trabajadores, profesionales y directivos del gremio hidráulico.
Promote the culture of caring for water and the environment with contributions representative of our union.

Our Values

1. Social responsability

2. Social responsability

3. Competitiveness and Innovation


We bring together the union of hydraulic engineering companies, designers and installers, suppliers and national and international manufacturers.
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